My Plan 4 Survival

My Plan 4 Survival is a necessary survival plan and tool for anyone attempting to navigate the wild, unpredictable and dangerous world of the 21st century. Cataclysmic events like nuclear and conventional war, political upheaval, hurricanes and tornadoes, man-made disasters and socio-economic failures are but a few of the dangers each of us must acknowledge and then mitigate with a survival plan. My Plan 4 Survival Dot Com is here to assist you with this survival planning. You will discover information on Survival Foods, Water Purification, and Shelter. What kind of first aid and medical care may be available? How to protect yourself financially against socio-economic and political turmoil. What to do in the event of, and how to avoid, man-made and natural disasters. Where to go to find additional information necessary for many elements of your survival plan. In short, My Plan 4 Survival helps provide you with some of the necessary information required to create your own customized survival plan and prepare psychologically for its implementation.

My Plan 4 Survival - Surviving Disasters & Cataclysms

Survival Plan Katrina

My Plan 4 Survival must include contingencies for surviving both natural and man-made disasters in addition to cataclysmic events. Natural Disasters in the form of Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Wildfires and Floods, to name a few, affect a significant portion of the Earth's population. Man-Made Disasters like Accidental Release of Pathogens, Industrial Contaminations and Supply Chain Failures are becoming increasingly more common worldwide. Cataclysmic Events such as Nuclear/Biological Warfare, Massive Volcanic Activity, Meteor Strikes and Global Famine are low probability events but may still benefit from a survival plan which mitigates their effects. Use My Plan 4 Survival to create a customized survival plan based on your specific needs and your expectations of which disasters/cataclysms may possibly occur.

My Plan 4 Survival - Food, Water & Shelter

Food Water Shelter

My Plan 4 Survival must take into consideration the critical needs related to Food, Water and Shelter in the event of cataclysmic and disastrous events. The extent and focus of your survival plan will be dependent upon factors such as your financial situation, the cataclysmic/disastrous events you wish to protect against, your geographic location and the availability of various survival resources. As food, water and shelter provide for the most basic of human needs it is essential that a good portion of your survival planning efforts focus on the acquisition of long-term food supplies, the ability to find and purify water, and the wherewithal to build emergency or long-term shelter. As a first step in your planning, it is essential to identify the various cataclysmic and/or disastrous events that are most likely to affect you. What resources will you require if one of these events occurs? How many people must your planning take into account?  How long will you be in survival mode before everything returns to normal? Do you just need some short-term food supplies to survive a week-long winter storm, or will a food shortage affect you for a much longer period of time?  What alternate sources of water are available to you in the event your current water supply is threatened? Do you need to purify the alternate source of water? If you are driven from your current home, how do you find or construct new shelter? How do supply chain problems impact your acquisition of food, water and shelter? What financial resources can you dedicate to the acquisition of materials required by your plan for survival? And how do you preserve monetary assets to use in barter or trade in the event of a financial or monetary system collapse?

My Plan 4 Survival - Financial and Medical


Financial survival is critical in the event of a catastrophe or disaster. It allows you to acquire the necessary items like food, water, shelter, and medical care/supplies to weather the storm. My Plan 4 Survival should provide for the possibility of a global financial collapse in which both paper and electronic money are useless - necessitating the need for some form of barter or alternate payment system.   In addition, My Plan 4 Survival must consider an extensive geographic failure of electronic systems like, cell phones, land lines, internet and bank machines that are rendered inoperable by a hurricane, flood or other catastrophic event.

Access to medical care, such as hospitals, pharmacies, emergency medical services, and doctors is heavily impacted by the same hurricanes, floods, and other catastrophic events that also affect the financial system. My Plan 4 Survival must include provisions for medical care, pharmaceuticals, first aid and other life-saving items in the event of loss of this access.

My Plan 4 Survival - The Psychology of Survival

Psychology of Survival

The psychology of survival is one of the most important aspects of My Plan 4 Survival. It can make a difference between life and death. Using intelligence, knowledge, and common sense, many of the problems associated with survival may be dealt with effectively. 

Training in survival techniques and methodologies alleviate the fear and anxiety of dealing with many critical situations that aid in survival. It also provides the knowledge required to be resourceful and overcome problems associated with survival.

Preparedness or being psychologically prepared to deal with disaster ensures that one is ready for a survival event.  Psychological preparedness involves being both mentally and physically ready for the ups and downs related to a survival situation. Mental preparedness allows one to remain calm and thoughtful during survival situations. Being physically prepared allows execution of the physical aspects and requirements of My Plan 4 Survival.

Collaboration and acquiring the knowledge from the experience of others is another essential aspect of surviving. The feeling that we are not alone in dealing with a disaster or catastrophe is of utmost importance to our mental well-being. It encourages us to improvise, adapt, and overcome.